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Kawaii things n°8: Christmas Whishlist from Banggood

Hello Magiiical kitties !
I hope you all are good this christmas season ! I’m back with a new Wishlist sponsored by Banggood. I want to show you some cheap Christmas present for your friends and family, and some accessories for you Christmas clothes. I hope you will enjoy this article. Let’s start!

Coucou mes chatons !
J’espère que vous allez bien en cette période de fêtes ! Je vous retrouve pour une nouvelle wishlist, en collaboration avec Banggood. Je voulais vous présentez quelques produits de ce site, qui ne sont pas très chers, et qui peuvent faire plaisir à vos proches, ou faire de jolies accessoires pour noël. J’espère que cet article va vous plaire. C’est parti !


In this first part I want to show you some product I want for myself. For my “Christmas madness” HAHA Because during Christmas, I always want more Christmas accessories in my life! It’s useless, but I need them in my life!

Dans un premier temps, j’avais envie de vous présenter plusieurs produits qui me font envie. Ce sont des articles qui répondent à ma « folie de Noël ». Vous savez, cette période de l’année où vous avez envie de pull avec le père-noël dessus ou de boucles d’oreilles ridicules en forme de sapin ! C’est inutile, mais j’ai besoin de ça dans ma vie !

1.       Christmas Tree Brooches : To decorate my bags, vest, top , …
2.       Christmas Tree Earrings: Because it’s perfect with a cute dress!

3.       Christmas Santa necklace and earrings: It’s cute and perfect for Christmas isn’t it?

Next, I want to give you some gifts idea for your friends or family. Because sometimes it’s difficult to find nice presents. Especially when you don’t have enough money (because you ate too much ice cream this summer).

Ensuite, je voulais vous présenter quelques idées de cadeaux à offrir à vos proches. Parce que ce n’est pas toujours évident de trouver des idées de cadeaux quand on est fauché (ça nous apprendra à avoir craquer sur cette nouvelle palette de maquillage !).

1.       For your sister: Pretty earrings, like this Glass Ball Flower earrings, are perfect for a youger sister who want to be as pretty as you. It’s really cute and feminin. For an older sister, this casual watch is really pretty and cool. Especially perfect if she’s always late!
2.       For your mother: A pretty bag is always a good idea. This canvas vintage bag look perfect for a mother who love traveling. She can put her phone inside to call you everywhere. The multi zipper bagis perfect for a cool and relax mom who love beach. And it’s waterproof so she can take it at the swimming pool!
3. For your father: Nice and cosy socks. Socks are always
usefull  and you can choose funny ones like this Harajuku style stripe cotton socks!
4. For your best friend: This cute  knitted beanie is perfect for a friend, especially if you bought the same for you! This one exist in different color and look so warm! Perfect for winter! The knitted beret is perfect too if you have a more romantic friend!

I hope you like this article. You can find every product and more from the wishlist in Banggood website. I wish you a lovely Christmas!

J’espère que cet article vous aura plus! Vous pouvez trouver tous les produits de cette liste sur le site de Banggod. Joyeux Noël mes chatons !

Make the World more Wonderful and Magiiic! xoxo


  1. Such a cute selection!


  2. I've ordered christmas choker - can't wait to try it on!

    1. Oh will you do a blogpost about it? I'm curious about what you ordered >w<

  3. So nice...I like your blog.^^

    Maybe follow each other on gfc

    Let me know follow you then back.

    bye :)


    1. Thank you :D
      Yes I will follow you ;)

    2. Hello my dear ! Thank you for visiting my blog and making a comment. I'm following you :) #141


  4. OMG, all of those accesories are soooo cute! The reindeer earrings especially, totally adorable! Anyway, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog and sure, we can follow each other! I have followed your blog on GFC #139, now waiting for your turn :)



    1. Thank you! I really love christmas accessories =w= <3
      I will follow you back :D

  5. I love the wishlist and the ideas. I might check it out and love the earrings on the first pic. They look so pretty. Also, your comment, do you listen to K-pop? And I am following you dear. I am number 141 and it is your turn. <3

    XOXO - Thee Lovingrose

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    1. Yhank you :3 The earrings are so cute :D
      I love Kpop too :3 My favorite group are FT Island, CN BLue, B1A4, Miss A, Sistar and Brown eyed girls :3 What about you? ^^

  6. All is great in this store
    Have a good Christmas week


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