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Trip in Paris: Le Jardin des Plantes!

As you can see, I went to Paris! This time, we visited the "Jardin des plantes", but we only went to the menagerie (zoo) part.In this zoo there are only "little" animals! It's really great because there are lots of differents animals and they are so cute!
It's always sad to see animals in cage, but I have to say that I love going to zoo... 

Now, let's go to this beautiful garden!

I will just post some animals pictures because there aren't a lot of things to say...

This panda was our favorite animals this day! Aren't they so cute? And a girl of the zoo come for explain some things about panda's life!

I like the second picture with the ostrich on it x)

Panda again x)

This zoo/ garden is really a nice place to visit when there is sunin Paris!

Just one thing to say for the end of the "Jardin des Plantes" menagerie visit: GRAOU!!

Here, my memories from the zoo: my ticket and two collecting monnaie!

Higuma is the japanese restaurant we ate for the meal! It was good!

Fairy Tail tatoo for my Lucy cosplay! (well... finally this tatoo was really bad... ToT)

Two japanese fashion magazines again!! From Junku bookstore!

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