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Princesse crêpe at Paris

Hello my sweety and delicious friends!
Today, I want to talk about a cute place I discovered at Paris this year! It's a pancakes shop, which is so cute and lovely! The name is "Princesse crêpe"
When we went to Paris for our birthday with my boyfriend, I absolutly wanted to go there! It was a little to much girly and pink for him haha but finally he accepted! And we don't regret! Pancakes was really so delicious

Now, let's see more picture of this lovely shop!

When you walk in the street you see it immediatly! It's pink with a big heart window! So kawaii right? I'm sure that lots of girls love this place haha

Here the adress:
3 rue des Escouffes 
75004 PARIS

Look how cute the decoration is: 

Some colorfull Teddy bear! So cute!

Chamallow, fruit, pink, sweet jar, ...
All is so pretty and girly in this shop!

Here a cute picture and a cute draw in the wall of the shop!

This draw is the special pancake "La princesse crêpe"! I never tested it, but it look delicious!

As you can see, the two seller girls are so cute and pretty too! 
We can see them make our pancakes!
And they are really nice!

Here, my first delicious pancakes at Princess crêpes! It's a strawberry pancakes with whipped cream!
Huuuum... Let's try this!

The two pretty girl accepted to take a picture with me!
I was so happy!!

We went a second time to Paris, so a second time to Princesse crêpes héhé
I have chosen a mango pancakes with ice cream and my boyfriend a red fruits pancakes!

I hope you like my post about Princesse crêpes!
If you want to know more about this shop, here it's there facebook: Princesse crêpes facebook

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  1. Oh my, those pancakes look amazing!! ♥ I'm a huge lover of sweet things (especially cake and ice-cream), so I think if I ever go to Paris I'll have to give this place a visit! Thank you for the lovely review.

    1. I love sweet things so much too!! x3 And this pancakes are so delicious <3
      The place is so cute and the two girls are really so lovely!
      I hope you will can visit them someday (^w^)
      Thank you!! :3


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