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Little life things 2

Hello Magiic sweety friends!
Here it's my second "little life things" post, with little things happened to me, things I saw, I mad, I want, I bought, ...
Let's start!

As some of you probably know, I'm in training at hospital for my studies. Two weeks ago, with some patients and people from the hospital, we go to the "Handuropal" at Berck-sur-mer (France). It's a festival of sport for disabilities person. There are so activities and sport that our patients can test because it was adapted for them!
It's really interesting to see that you can do a sport with an handicap! Life never end!!! They can test quad, karate, fancing,... And my patient won a cup and this funny arrow that he offered me!
At the end of the day, we saw some balloon in the sky!

This year, my grandfather have some rasperry in his garden! So we picked some and my boyfriend make a delicious rasperry clafouti ! He cook some Meringue too héhé

Here, two things I want!
Well... I have to say that I probably want this product because I'm a fan of Suzy haha
And I love Sakura Card Captor!!!

My sister went to England with is class recently, and she bought this pretty heart ear loop for me! I love them! 

And my lovely mother bought this pretty pink shoes for me! Now I have to find a beautiful pink dress

Here, just some books I bought at the book market! I like Asian literature so much!

Few weeks ago, I went to Paris again with my boyfriend, so I went to the japanese library for bought this two magazines I love!

You know, we finnally have sun in France! I LOVE sun! I'm a summer girl haha
When sun shining, I love reading in the garden! This time, I read the manga "Little Monster"

Two baby bird are born at my grandfather's house!

A delicious Nougat and poppy honey we bought with my boyfriend! It was just so delicious! I know I often talk about food haha It's because I love eating

And finally, say hello to our new family member, my sister's ferret, Poupette!!!

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