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ZOO with magiiic

Today, I will show you some pictures I took from the Zoo of Amiens (in France). It's just a little Zoo but there are some differents animals, and it's really great for a little walk!

Look at this cute auk!

Some beautiful birds!

Here, it's just me and my boyfriend haha We asked my sister to take a picture of us! I love you my dear!

Well... I don't remember the name of this animal haha

A lemur! So cute !!

There are really a lot of different animals in the World! I love animal so much that's why I'm always happy to discovering a new species! I think animals life are really interesting to know!

Monkeys are so funny!

Here it's our favorite animal of this zoo: Funny and cute meerkat!

It's not Kangaroo, it's Walabi! And he isn't in the picture but there are an albino walabi

Wow, a sister of "Madame Lama" !

Me... And a Lama!

This day at zoo was really nice and funny! Zoo is really cool walk to do with family! I generally go to the Zoo every year with my mother and sister, and my boyfriend love zoo too so we go together now!

Hope you guys, enjoy my blogpost!
What are your favorite animal? Do you like to go to Zoo?

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