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Little life things ~1

Today is just a little post for differents things which happened to me recently! Just things I can't write a big post about, but little things who make me happy... or not. 

First, I want to say sorry, because I don't post a lot and I'm only connect during the week-end... I have a tranning for my school, so I'm busy... But I will reply and see your blogs during the week endIf you want to have more news, you can had me on facebook here:  Mimie Niiouh

First, I have to say a big thanks to my boyfriend! He is always so romantic and he always be there for me! 
My training is really stressful, I'm busy, anxious and tired because of it... But when I come back at home and see him, I'm more relax! He is the best medicine!
Recently, he surprised me with this beautiful rose bouquet!

An other day, when I returned to home after my training, I say hello to my boyfriend and go to take my shower. And when I went to the kitchen after my shower, I saw him, dressed like a prince, and he had prepared a romantic dinner with candles! For now special reason, just because he love me.. I think I have find the Prince charming !

Last week-end, in France, we had chance to have a big sun during all the day! So, with my boyfriend and mother, we decided to go for a walk! It was really so nice to walk with a big sun! And good news, I weared a dress! *happy*

I'm really not lucky with my fashion wishlist... I talk to you about the dress I want recently, and that I can't find... There are an other clothes I want: a skirt like this! But here, in France, there are not in shop... ToT

This week-end, I went to shopping with one of my good friends!! I bought especially books, and things for my swap with Evonne!
It was really good to see here! We went to a japanese restaurant before to go shopping. And for the 4:30pm, we go to a tearoom which name is "Le petit Poucet", in Amiens! It was so delicious! I ate a violet "éclair" and she ate raspberry and a pistachio macaron! The tea was a "kimono tea", with rose and corn-flower, realy delicious

For finish, I just wanted to show you 3 packages I received recently:

This sweets are from my friend Akane who live in Japan! I send you a package with french sweets recently so she send me one with japanese candies!!! I love candies in the purple and green bag héhé

Here it's a kimono magazine from Tomo!! It's so pretty (>w<) I think kimono are so beautiful!! And I'm in love with japanese fashion magazine haha So thank you so much my friend!

Last, this nice package from the lovely Yoko!! I was so surprised to received this package because she didn't tell me that she will send (>w<) I'm so happy to exchange letters with her because she really so nice! I tasted "Amezaiku" candies (the big pink bag) and it's so yummy!! Thank you so much!!!


  1. The food looks delicious!
    The presents your friend sent you are also very cute (^O^)

    1. Yes, I have so lovely friends :3
      Thanks :D
      And yes, the food was delicious héhé

  2. wow....such a cute post with lovely pics :)

  3. The present from your friends looks good ^_^ !!!
    I love japanese candy especially green tea kitkat!!!!


    1. Thank you :3 I love japanese candies too héhé
      But green tea kit kat isn't my favorite haha


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