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Tony Moly - Goddess style, berryberry lovely stick, Review

Hey! As I show you in my post about my swap with Mei Tan, she send me this pretty Tony Moly Godess style lipstick! I really like the color so much so I decided to do a review post!

Just look how pretty is it x) I have to say that for me, a beauty product packaging is important! I know it will not have consequences on the efficiency of the product, but I always finally bought product who look cute... Well... don't do this like me, sometimes it's not a great idea haha But for this lipstick I love the package and it's a good product!

The color it a bright and pretty pink! As you know I love pink! But I rarely use color lipstick because I prefer have a pretty make-up for my eyes and nude lips.. However, I like to use this Tony Moly lipstick more often! Sometimes I use it for going to school because I just love the color! It looks cute no? And This lipstick is easy to apply!

What do you think about this color?? Pretty, right?

Someone have test this lipstick or another lipstick from Tony Moly which is great? Tell me what you think about it! 

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  1. it is a very sweet colour :)

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  2. I like the packaging cute and pretty! I am a big sucker for cute packaging as well. If a product has cute packaging, I am more likely to buy it! XD

    1. Haha so we are two! But sometimes, the packaging is cute, but finally the product isn't good ;s

  3. You have a wonderful blog!!

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    1. Thank you (>w<)

      I would be happy to follow you (^^) You're blog is so great!

  4. Thanks for the review loved reading it. Would you like to follow each other
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  5. Hi, do you find this lipstick dried your lips out at all? About a day after using mine my lips would feel all numb and then would peel for days. I thought it could be something else, but it happened every time. It's a shame because it is a lovely colour and cute packaging. -I actually pulled the lipstick tube from the lid and kept the case for a cute and discrete way to carry a tampon.

    1. Hello and nice to meet you :D
      Well.. I don't have this problem with the lipstick...
      I have naturally dry lips so I always apply a moisturizing lip balm before I apply a lipstick :)


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