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Mini swap with Cindy

I know that I don't write a lot this time... I was so busy first, because of my exams and after because of my vacation haha And now my training will start... 
So I'm really late, but today I will show you the mini swap I did with Cindy! I met Cindy on "Be a beauty corespondante" and we talked a lot. Finally we decided to do a mini swap (and a more big on october, I can't wait :D).
Cindy is really a lovely gir! His blog is so girly and she is really pretty and nice! I love talking with her when I have time!! I hope to be friend with her for a long time!! And I want to visit Malaysia and meet her one day!

Well, now let's see what she send to me:

For this swap, we decided to send a little box with things we don't use. It's like a "second life" for products! 
And because it was my birthday (yes, I'm so late, she send me this on march!!), she send me a special present!
Now see all product in details!

First, she send me some food and tea! I love the Pepero one! And tea was so nice! I'm a tea lover héhé 

Here, more tea with this rose tea! So funny and good taste!
The Nuxe product is for eyes, it's really nice because I never use eyes product before! 
And other are cute samples!

She send me some stationery tings I will can use for my last year of school!! I really love the pen in the right! And the card is really nice.

Here, my birthday present! TADA!!! This top is so cute no? And I can use it like a dress during summer, with my bikini! Well, sorry for the bad picture, I took it before iron it (just when I opened the package).
I will took a picture  of me with the green top later.

And, last but not least, this pretty bikini!! It look so nice and it's the perfect size! I'm really happy!

Thank you so much Cindy <3


  1. oh babe u so sweet!!glad u love everything!! i love to meet you one day too!!and when you r free we shall catch up and talk again!!hahhaha again happy belated birthday sweet!

  2. Oh~ Doing mini swaps looks so fun! Thanks for sharing this post~
    And thank you for your sweet comments on my blog, I really appreciate it! I was wondering if we could follow eachother? Let me know if you follow me, so I can follow you back :)

    xoxo Payton of K-Party With Payton


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