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I want a beautiful dress...

Today, I will talk to you about fashion! Especially about dress. And not simple dress you can find everywhere! No! About the dress of my dream! A red and asymmetric dress! A dress like this:

I search a dress like this from a long time in every shop I can go! But I never find it... I know I probably have to bought it online, but I'm not really fan to bought dress on internet, because I'm not sure about the size ect... But if I don't find it this summer I will search on internet! Because I really want one!

I'm in love with asymetric dress and skirt at this time, so I search other colors and pattern too. I bought an asymetric skirt last year, and I'm totally crazy with this! I saw lots of beautiful dress from Asia, I envy Asian girl....

I think, asymetric dresses are really girly and easy to wear! The model I prefer is pastel color and the skirt above the knee in front and at ankles in front!

And I will go to my cousin's wedding on september so I have to find a pretty dress! I search something like this two model:

 Please sun, come back soon! I want to wear skirt and dresses (>w<) 

And you? What are your favorite clothes of the moment?

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  1. Wonderful dresses!! You have a great choice! :)

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by my blog!! Do let me know on which platforms do you follow and I will follow back for sure! :)

    Keep in touch

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    2. Thanks! But I didn't find one like this in France ToT

      I follow you in gogle+ and facebook ;)

  2. I like asymetric dresses too. I want to find one in pastel colour as well! I'm currently really into cropped tops which is a huge trend right now.

    1. Asymetric dresses are so beautiful! I like pastel color too :) But this time I want one in red (>w<)
      And as I tell in your blog, I also like cropped tops! :D


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