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Hey dears! Recently it was Easter! Have you do something special for Easter day? In my family we always had a dinner for Easter and search chocolates in the garden! But this year, some of my uncles can't be there, so it was a little different...

I'm a bunny for Easter x)

We went to my grandfather's house the afternoon for search chocolates, and I invit my grandfathers and parents for a dinner (my boyfriend help me for cooking)!

Cakes make by my grandmother!

We offered some chocolate to my grandparents and they give us too! And for my sister, I bought a lovely sweets flower!

Top: My sister's chocolate and sweets
Back: my grandparent's chocolates

So I received chocolates by my grandparent, my mother, my boyfriend's parents, aunt... So much chocolates to eat!!! It's not good for a diet haha

My boyfriend offered me a cute bunny chocolate too, and I offered him a big meringue lollipop.

So I hope you had a great Easter day too! See you later!


  1. You look so cute with your bunny accessory ( ⌒ ⌒)+゜

  2. these candies seems cute<3 I don't cerebrate Easter ... have a nice day^^

  3. Thanks :) Oh I see... Next year I will send you chocolate for easter if you want :3


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