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Unni you are the best!

Hello guys! I wanna show you the cute package my lovely Unni send me for my birthday!
First, I want you to know that I meet Didi on internet something like 3 years ago (maybe more? I don't remember exactly ...) and she become someone really important in my life! Now she is my friend, my sister, my confidant, ... In my heart, she is from my family! And I hope we will be friends for ever! 
Ma Unni, si tu lis ceci, merci d'être entrée dans ma vie! Je t'aime très fort!!!

Here it's all presents she send me! It's so cute right?!

First presents are receipe book:
A Nutella receipe book! Because nutella is the best with pancakes xD
A book with receipes she write for me! I'm student so I eat everyday the same things... So one day I ask here if she have good receipes for me (because she like cooking), and she finally do this for me! Thank you sooooo much!!

She cook "sablés" for me!! Kyyah it was so delicious (>w<)

 And she send me this funny pencilcase héhé I use it at school now ! I love whiskers x)

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