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Salon du chocolat - Part 2

Hello! As you can see, I'm back for my second blogpost about the "Salon du Chocolat" in Amiens! As you know if you have read my first blogpost here on march 16th I went to this exposition about chocolate
After visited stands, we wanted to see the fashion parade. This parade was in two part:

First parade was clothes created by fashion design student
 Second parade was chocolate clothes created by famous chocolatier

So first, the Fashion design students parade! Lots of beautiful and funny clothes! They are really imaginative!! The theme was chocolate and month of the year! So every dress is a month!

We start with march because the "Salon du chocolat" is in march! This dress is really funny and colorful!

After march, we saw this beautiful dress for the Easter! Look like a chocolate bell!
After it april! So cool hat!

Now, May!! I like the make-up and hairstyle too!

Now june! This one look like a cupcake I think !

July for the only boy of the parade

August! It look like a beach in summer! Haaa I want to be in vacation!

Next is september! I like this one because when I saw it for the first time, I thinked at "Alice in Wonderland"!

October is on of my favorite!! I really love it!
Now, it's November! With a pretty chocolate hat!

December is really pretty!

This on is for christmas! It look like a christmas tree!

For january, a beautiful dress like a princess!

 And finally, February with this pretty dress!

They really do a great job! It make me dreaming !! Create clothes must be so funny!

Now it's time for the chocolate dresses parade! I don't remember wath chocolatier do wich dress... Sorry (>o<) But all are so beautiful!! Ah I want a dress like this ... But I know If I have one I will eat it before to wear it haha

 This chocolatier created a dress for his daugther! It's so cute! And the hat in his hand is in chocolate too!

This butterfly dress is my favorite!

 And last but not least, this beautiful wedding dress is wearing by "Miss Picardie"!

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