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Dany Lary Show!

Hello Dears! For my birthday, my boyfriend take me at the Dany Lary Show « Retro Temporis”. Dany Lary is a famous French illusionist. When I was young I always watched his show on TV with my grandfathers and next year, for the first time, I went to one of his show ( “Les clés du mystère”) with my grandfather! It was just MAGIC! So when I saw he come again in my city I thinked “I want to go” !! And finally, my boyfriend bought places for my birthday!

His new show is about Jules Vernes. Dany Lary create history for all his show. This time, it was about a man who want to invent a teleportation machine for participate at the competition of inventors of the Universal exposition of Paris. The story told by the “voice of Jules Vernes”. It’s funny because Jules Vernes house is in my city (Amiens), it’s a monument now, so Dany Lary told us that he visited it before the spectacle!

This new spectacle "Retro Temporis” was really so cool: funny, extraordinary, beautiful, … MAGIC! I really love Dany Lary shows so much and I hope to see is next show too! My boyfriend liked it too! It was realy a great night for us! And I have to say, All og the clothes and costum was just perfect!!!

I can took pictures of the curtains during the entract! So pretty!!

After the show Dany Lary signed autograph so My boyfriend took some picture of him!!

And I finally have an autograph!!! *so happy*

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