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Real talk: nails and exams...

I just wanted to show you my nail héhé I was proud of this one xDD
I use color pop and bling in the sea nailpolish from Etude House (blue and blue x) ) I received in a swap and the white one is from La rèserve Naturelle french manucure kit I received from an other swap!! 

This is little birds x)

I wanted to talk with you about my exams too! I just had exams today and I am so tired now. I think, it wasn't really good exams for me and I know why: I don't work enough... Well I work hard during my vacation but it's probably not good enough.
Generally, when I have a lesson, I make a card with a summary of the lesson. After that, when we did all the lesson and I made all my summary card I organise summary on table. And after I'm ready to learn it by my and after with friends!
Writing is good for my memory! But this time I didn't make summary table and I made my summary card so late. That's why I say I don't learn enough...
Learning with my friends is a really good things for me too because I have a oral memory (I don't know why.. I read a lot of book but I don't have good visual memory...).

What are your techniques for learning befor exams? Have you a little secret?
My secret is... Drinking lots of tea and sleep enough xDD Having a good health is important before exams!!

Good luck for all your exams!

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