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Hello magiic froggy friends! At this time, in France, it's sales!! So I bought some new clothes!! Yeah

First, a beautiful new waistcoat! I was in love of this at first sight! I can't explain why.. It's not really extraordinary but I thinked "If you bought this waistcoat, it will be beautiful with all of your clothes". 

A New sweater! Because of cold during winter in my city, I searched some sweaters. But generally I don't like to wear sweater haha This one is simple but cool!

An other sweater I bought during sales! It was a long time I wanted one like this! It's cool and really comfortable! And there are a crazy tiger on it! I'm crazy xDD

I don't really know why, but I'm in love with tights! It's something essential for me! I thinks it's because I love to wear skirts and dresses! That's why I bought 3 new tights recently!!

This one is pink with little heart in! Really cute and simple to wear!

This one is my favorite! Really cute and funny!! I don't bought it during sales but in this facebook shop: Meel Ty.
The Dress is new too! I bought it with my boyfriend. I think it's really cute for this winter. At this time I research for romantic clothes!

Last but not least, this tight! It is not easy to wear because of the color... But I like it so much! It's pretty and cool!

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