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Salon Du Chocolat - part 1

How are you this time?? I'm so busy with my school work (>o<) Well ... Today I will post some picture of my visit at the "Salon du Chocolat d'Amiens" which is an exposition about chocolate héhéhé So cool for someone like me who LOVE chocolate and sweets! I really took some pictures there so I will make two part:

One part with pictures of the exposition
And one part with the parade 

So let's start with the first part!

First, some chocolate pan!

Now, lets see the more important: CHOCOLATE!

Here a chocolatier who are cooking chocolate and other creations.

We can test some good chocolate héhé I was just sooooo happy !!

This one are so cute!

During this week-end there was a chocolate competition! Here winners!

Other tasty chocolate ...

 I bought poppy tea and poppy honey at this stall! 

 There was some bread and pastry!

Chocolate cupcakes, shoes and bag!

 I don't know why there was dresses, but this dresses are so beautiful!

Chocolate fountain!

Some chocolate for the Easter!

Cute chocolate lollipop!

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