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My first swap from Malaysia !

Hey everyone! Today I will present you my first swap from Malaysia I received from Mei-Yan Tan! This swap is just so huge! Wow she really send me lots of beautiful product!Thank you soooooo much!!
Well.. I received this swap after my last vacation but I just post it now.. Sorry for being late.. 
So I had time to test some products but I didn't test all now! I will do this soon

Let's see this BIG package:

Lots of things right?

This is 3 nailpolish. Blue are from Etude House and Pink from Skin Food! It's 2 brand I ask her to send be because I want to test their product héhé
I love nailpolish and this 3 are really nice and look so cute in my nails!

One pretty pink lipstick! I use it everyday now!
Two eyeshadow (the one with a mustache look so pretty in my eyes *^*)
A baby lips from Maybelline (I wanted to test Baby lips héhé) 
Air BB cream !

The auk handcream from Etude house is so cute! I always have it in my bag now haha. 
A handcream from Soap and Glory who smell so good!
Skin repair "Dry skin lotion" (like mine xD) from Rosken
A shower gel (vanilla smell) from The body shop! First "the body shop" product for me héhé
And One drop (Locks Up Icean) face lotion! 

Hair conditionner and shampoo "Ma chéri" from Shiseido who smell really good!
A hair oil "Ma chéri" from Shiseido who is one of my favorite product from this swap! I never test hair oil before and it was a revelation for me! It's so great for my hair!
Hair repair capsule from ellips (>w<)

Some make-up remover and mask!!
I can't wait to try all this mask! I love tissue mask so much!

Some samples!

Kit Kat
Tic Tac
Pocky (Yeah! I love Pocky!!!)
And lots of other sweets to try!!! 
Ah... Sweets... I love you so much

Food eraser (so cute!)
Strawberry keychain (it's on my pencil case now héhé)
Phone decoration! 
 Hello Kitty sticking
A pretty bow for hair
The panda sleeping mask I wanted!! Yeah

And my favorite: The more pretty Hello Kitty bracelet I never seen before! I love it sooooooo much!

How my phone look now x)


  1. .now i know samples are called stamp in ur country! lol!

    1. Oh no, it's me who make a mistake... It's samples! Stamps are just... stamps haha I don't know why but I always do this mistake... sorry for my poor english (>o<)

  2. Omg I wanna do a swap with you, we have so many things in common XD

    1. Really?? I would be so happy to do a swap with you (>w<) <3


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