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Festival du jeu et de l'imaginaire d'Amiens

Today, I went to the "Festival du jeu et de l'imaginaire" of Amiens. It's a festival about board games and videogames! There was cosplay too. It was all the week-end. I went there today with my mother, sister and a friend of my sister with her mother. And tomorrow I will go to the "Salon du chocolat". 

 So I will explain you, what I do there. This is the programme of the festival and the map. It's not really big... I was a little suprise about it at first haha

In this pic you can see stalls. In all the table, we can play at a game (all table have different games) so if you like board games, it's the paradise. Videogames was in the background of the room but there wasn't a lot... Well... I like videogames but I'm not a big fan so I don't remember names haha I just remember Mario kart !

 Here you can see a stall about a videogame! Well... I don't know it haha

With my family and sister's friend we did a board game who's name is "Jungle speed safari"! I knew "Jungle speed" but this version is really fun too! And... I won xDD

Here an other little game. You have to rotate the ball in order to advance a little ball in the labyrinth!

Now, Cosplay time!!

Star Wars ...

In this picture you can see Iron man VS Harley Quinn!

Well... I don't know the name of this cosplay... But It's really a good cosplay !

An other cosplay battle!

Ha this girls are so beautiful!! I love their dresses!

All cosplay there!

 And finally I could take pictures with pretty girls
I ask them about their dresses and they said that the girl in the left make them!
Wow I'm so impressed!!

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