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Red Swap


Hello! How was your Valentine's day ?? 
Here, I will tell you about a swap I did for Valentine's day! It's a "red swap" héhé And Phophie send me some beautiful things! I really love this swap! Thanks so much to her
Now, let's see what I received!

This is the swap when I opened it! Look so cute (and red!)

First, some sweets!! I love marshmallow soooo much! And this one are so cute!
Second sweets are so cute too and it's funny because I searched some like them for V-day but didn't find! S I'm really happy! And the Mickey and Minnie box is so pretty!

Some heart stickers, magnet and decoration! I will use them for decorate my room!

A manga!!! Yeah I will read it soon ! I really love manga and this one look really good!

A chocolate mask who look so good, a lip balm which smell so nice and a nail file so funny! I really love cosmetics so I'm in love with this!!

Thank you so much again Phophie!!! I LOVE all you send to me!

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