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My Valentine's day

Hello everyone!! Today I will tell you about my Valentine's day and Valentine's day preparation! I hope all of you had a nive V-day!!
First, you have to know that I organise my V-day dinner not on febrary 14th but febrary 15th... It's because my boyfriend worked on 14th so he couldn't go at my home. So the real Valentine's day, I went with my friends at karaoke! x)

Me at karaoke

I wanted to cook a romantic dinner for my boyfriend! Well... for us it wasn't only one Valentine's day but a week-end xD So I had to tought about 2 dinner, one meal and one breackfast!
I wanted to decored my room with V-day decortions too! 
The first thing I made was this origami heart! You will see what I did with this after!

First thing I had to do was to find a present for my boyfriend! He think that we haven't to offered presents at V-day because it's not a special day! He think he had to prove his love for me every day!! But I wanted to offered him a present even so. I choose to make a box with little presents!

This is the box! A cute Mikey and Minnie box !

A V-day card! Because I want to tell him my love!

Some cute heart lolipop!

             Inside the box!

All my presents for him: V-day card, heart lollipop, heart chocolat, heart sweat, heart origami, chocolate handcream, essential oil, and heart hand warmers!!


Now, some V-day decorations! 

This is my decoration with origami heart héhé

Happy V-day tape!
Heart Lollipops!!

V-day garland!

Candles and heart papers!

Now it's time to cook! First, I choose our V-day menu (my beautiful friend Didi help me!!):

15th Dinner: aperitif, ham croissant, bolognese spagetti with meatball, chocolate cakes and lemon ice-cream!
16th breackfast: pancakes with strawberry, rasperry and whipped cream, with tea!
16th Dinner: aperitif, chicken curry with rice, chocolate mousse with fruit.

This my chocolate cake before I bake them :3

Table at aperitif time!

Now, I just have to wear a beautiful dress and make up!


  1. OMG u r such a sweet girl!!ur bf are so luck to have u!!!! u hv a creative mind!i love all ur idea especially decorating the room with Vday elements!!

    1. Thank you :3 But I'm so lucky to have him too haha
      At this time, I'm crazy about the decoration! I want heart everywhere x) I'm happy if you like my idea :)


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