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Elsève- Boucle sublime- L'Oréal Paris REVIEW

As you probably know that I have curly hair if you saw pictures of me on my facebook (here). The problem with my hair is that curls aren't always beautiful, and sometimes it's look more like frizz and I look like a sheep...

That's why I search a good product for my hairs from a long time. Recently I discovering "Boucles sublimes" by Elsève (Boucles= curls), and now I use it. It's not perfect but my hair look more pretty!

Promises of the product:
A homogeneous hydration plumps curls without weighing it down.
Definition for sustainable energetic curles. 
Anti-frizz + 24H definition

How to use:
Uniformly apply in you hair after shower, lengths to ends of hair.
Brush your hair normally

My hair if I don't apply the product:

The cream look like that. It smell really good and it's nice to apply in hair. The container is easy to use. 

I apply it on my hair after my shower, and brush them.

What it look like when is finish: 

As I tell before, It's not perfect, because there are always little frizz, and my hair look always so dry... But it's better. My hair look more long and curls are more softer and shiny. And they smell really good! 

My evaluation:
Packaging: 3/5
Smelling: 4/5
Texture: 4/5
Efficiency: 3/5

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