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DIY: Heart hand warmers! Valentine's day last minute present.

As you know, Febrary 14th, it will be Valentine's day!
My boyfriend don't like this day because he think it's just a commercial day and he don't have to wait this day for offerd me presents ... So we don't exchange presents  at Valentine's day but generaly he take me at restaurant.
This year I decided to make him a romantic dinner with candle and lots of love! During last week I choosed the menu for all the week end (he will come at my appartement during 3 days). And I start to decorate my room with valentine's decoration. I'm so exciting about this!
But after reflexion I decided that I want to offered him a presents! So I bought heart chocolate, hand cream, essential oil, and a lovely box for putting my presents! I make some heart origami and bought a valentine's day card too. And I wanted to offered him something I made so I do cute hand warmers!

It's really easy to make and not expansive! Perfect for a last minute present!!
So let's start!

You will need:
Tissue (color of your choice, but red or pink are better for Valentine's day)
 Some rice
Essential Oil (I use roses smell)

Step 1: Draw a heart in paper and use it for cutting two heart in your tissue.

Step 2: Sew the two heart side by side, at three centimeter edge,  and leave a small opening.

Step 3: In a bowl, mix some rice with 5 drop of essential oil.

Step 4: Put the rice into the heart by the small opening.

Step 5: When the heart have enough of rice, finish the sewing.

Now your heart is complete!
You just have to warm it into a microwave during few second for using it!

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