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The end of 2013...

Hy my pretty froggie friends
Have an happy New Year! I hope all of us have a good New Year day :3

So 2013 is finally finish...  I had a lots of great memories with my boyfriend, friends and family ! I met new people and see old friends, and it was always a pleasure!
 I had lots of fun with my friends, because they are the best and I hope that we will have other nice memories this year too! 
I'm in love... It's 2 years and 8 month now. I am in love and this love will be foreverSo I want a new romantic year with him! 
My family is so fantastic! They are so understanding and adorable with me! I love them! And I want a beautiful year for them too.

So 2013 is finish but 2014 come and we have to realise new dreams, meet new people, learning new things, and ... LOVE again!
Have a wonderful day everyone and:


My dress for the New Year Party !

During the New Year day I was to my friend house for a little party (it was is birthday on december 31th héhé)! It was really funny: we danced, talked, ate, ... and Danced again !!

My friends and me

It's the New Year, so I bought a New Diary!!

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