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My first swap :D

Recently I register to a swap community on facebook who's name is Pour un swap avec toi !! 
I want to test swap from a long time now so I finally decided to do it héhé And my first swap was a Christmas swap!
I was so excited and anxious too.. Because I didn't know if my swapped will like my package... We had to send 3 products! 

It was for christmas so I send a christmas decoration, a facial scrub and a cute scarf, with little sweet and a letter.
Finally, I received a BIG package from the girl who swap me!But I had to wait december 25th for oppened it!!

This is what I received:

More of 3 products haha All are so good (>w<)

I will show you all my presents:

First: little sweets and christmas décorations so cute!

Cookies made by her little girl! It was delicious, especially with hot chocolate

A cute giraffe eraser!

A Manwha ! I will read it soon héhé

A beautiful necklace and two flower bobby pin!! So cute! I love them so much

And, last but not list, this Pink Headphone!! It's so cool for winter héhé But I can use it in summer too without the coating!

Thank you so much Gladys!I love all your presents !!

My swapped tell me that she like what I send to her so I'm really Happy ! But now, I know that I can be more imaginative and send more products (^^)

On january I will exchange an other swap with a pretty and nice girl! I bought different presents and beauty product for her! I'm so exciting about that :3
I will participate to a "Beauty and best kawaii swap" and to a "Cover cupid swap" too!


  1. What is the cover cupid swap? Is it on the same page? I can't find it :(

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The cover cupid swap isn't from the same page! It's here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/475501849129359/?fref=ts

    The name of the group is : Be a beauty correspondant :3 Now the inscription for the Cover cupid swap are finish but it will be a Bunny boxes swap for april!
    And you can do a swap with someone on the page before if you want (^^)


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