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Christmas presents

For christmas I received some presents from my family, boyfriend, friends, ... 
I will show them to you

First, from my family:

My mother offered me a pajamas (really cozy *^*), toaster (because I hadn't one at my school appartement), a hair dryer, and a recipe book on rice (I will test soon)!

My father bought me a beautiful scarf with a lizard pendant in! I love it so much!! Really pretty(>w<)

From my sister I have this cute scarf, an Hello kitty lollipop (so sweet) and a nice box with a book, cards and a note book!

Mikado are from my grandfathers because they know that I love eat Mikado when I go to school! Maybe it's a message for I work hard at school haha And they give me money for I bought something I want (and I really want Miss A CD haha )

My aunt made this two cute bag for me!! I really love them (>w<)! And she give me scissors because I want to learn sewing!!

Now from my boyfriend

Nyyyyah! I finally have them héhé moving Cat ears! Thank you so much my love

And it's not really for christmas, but he offered me this cute bouillotte hedgehog!

From my boyfriend's parents:

This perfum is from my boyfriend's mother! It's "Repetto" perfum and it smell so good! I really wanted it so I'm really happy !

My boyfriend's father offered me this Nocibé make-up palette, smarties chocolate and a little pannetone! The palette is really big with lots of colors! It was a long time I want one like this

My boyfriend's chocolate and mine x)

From my friends

This one is from one of my best friends!! It's Hello Kitty  glass with two Hello Kitty ring héhé

And, for finish, CHOCOLATES from classmate for our christmas lottery!

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