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"L'important n'est pas ce qu'on fait de nous, mais ce que nous faisons nous-même de ce qu'on a fait de nous" Jean-Paul Sartre

How are you all?? Recently we have 3 day without school in France :) Because the may 8th and may 9th was holidays so we hadn't school may 10th too and after it was the week-end !!

During this days I went to my grandparent's home during 2 night!! I really love my grandparents so much!!

My boyfriend went at my home during night and 2 days so I decided that we would go to shopping! I had to bought scissors and glasses. I found them, so we went to fashion shops!

It was the long time that I wanted an asymmetric skirt and I finally found one!!! I was really so so happy (>w<) I find 2 beautiful Tee-shirt too! In an other shop I find a cute short but it was to expensive for me...
Thanks to my boyfriend who support me during shopping haha It's not easy because I always want to bought all xPP And he carried my bags !! I love you so much my lover

So here, my beautiful skirt :

And here, the Tee-shirt:

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