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"Le succès c'est d'aller d'échec en échec sans perdre son enthousiasme" Winston Curchill

Hello everyone!!
I hope all of you have good days ~~
Now I'm happy because sun is back héhé I want to have sun everyday!
Now I will show you what I bought recently!

First, recently I went to shopping with my friends and boyfriend. I didn't bouth clothes but I bought this cute pen (>w<) I love it so much!! I think that I'm crazy about pen, books, paper,.. 

After, I went to the market with my mom and sister because I had to bought tights. So I found them and we walk in the market when I saw a beautiful scarf with mustaches!! I love clothes with mustaches so when I saw it I wanted to bought it  immediatly!! And finally, my sister offered it to me!

In my parent's city, there are an Asian food shop! I love it because there are lots of things I can't bought at other shops.. Recently I saw this cute Peroro bottle so I wanted to try it.. It's really cute and good taste. My boyfriend loved it too!

For finish, I bought Glamour magazine! I like this fashion magazine so much!!

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