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chocolate truffle!!

It's been a long time that I want to post a receipe.
So, when I make "chocolate Truffle" for my boyfriend and family at Easter, I thinked that I have to post this receip. Because I love chocolate and my boyfriend and family loved them (>w<)  And it's really easy to make!! Soon it will be the mother day (in France it's the may 26th) so it's a great idea to make this receipe for your mothers So now, let's start!!

What you need for 4 person:
 250g of dark chocolate
 125g of unsalted butter
 2 eggs yolks
 7,5g of vanilla sugar
 125g of powdered sugar
 50g of cocoa

Now let's start!
 Break the chocolate into small pieces in a flat heat resistant. Melt it. Gradually add the butter cut into small cubes. Mix.
 When the butter has melted into the chocolate, remove the dish from the heat, add the egg yolks, sugar and vanilla sugar. Mix well.
 Put the dough in the fridge for an hour or more for it solidify.
Then form small balls of dough by hand, roll in cocoa and arrange on a platter.

It's finish!!
Instead of rolling the truffle in cocoa, you can also castors in the coconut grated .

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