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~ Beautiful Paris ~

Hello everyone!! 

Recently I went to Paris with my mother, my sister, my mother's friend (we will call her B.) and her two daughters (We will call them L. and G.). Its was a beautiful and horrible day too.. 

First, I was so happy to go to Paris! It was a long time that I wanted to go again for visit and go shopping! But I hadn't time before.. So when my mother told me that we would visit Paris I was so exciting!!  I prepared my bag and took my new camera and we took the train!
When we arrived to Paris, we first go to the Grévin museum,  G.,  my sister and me. It was really great and beautiful, and I took some photos!!

Okay.. I can't play piano like him...

Indiana Jones is one of my favorite movies (>w<)


After this, we joined my mother, her friend and L. for eat. We went to a park next to the Eiffel Tower for a picnic!! The sun shinning so it was so great to be there! 

Next, we went to see the Eiffel Tower. It's really BIG haha My sister wanted to climb at the top but we finnally not did that. We went to a park again (because we didn't know where we had to go).

Me and the Eiffel Tower héhé

Finally , we decided where we will go. L. wanted to go to a Starbucks coffee and G. and me wanted to go to shops. So we find 2 shops (where I bought presents for my friends) and next we went to Starbucks.I don't like coffe, so I don't really like Starbucks haha Sorry to all people who like it.. But I prefer a french coffee were I can find a delicious hot chocolate with pancakes! x) After that we wal a little again and we stop again in a park because of L. That's why my day wasn't really great!! She always said that she didn't want to walk! But if she didn't want to walk, why she came to Paris??
So during this time, I took photos..

Finally, we walked again and L. sat on a bench again.. I was so angry so I decided to walk without them.. I phoned to my boyfriend because he's the only who can calm me !! After I joined them and we returned home. 

For finish, I can't really go to shopping to Paris ToT I am so sad about this.. That's why I want to go to Paris again in July or August!!

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  1. Hi my friend! I'm sollhee Hwang^-^!
    Wow It's very cute blog(^o^)b

    I saw your picture very well. And i hope you will go to shop in paris.
    If i have a opportunity , i want to go paris^-^


Merci pour votre visite ! A bientôt !