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« Moi, je t'offrirai Des perles de pluie venues de pays Où il ne pleut pas. » - Jacques Brel


Hey lovely froggy friends!! 
During my boyfriend's vacation he went at my appartement!!
I was so happy because when I'm not with him he miss me so much (>o<)

One evening, after school, he offered me this cute sweet flowers!
It was a really cute surpise!! And flowers was so delicious haha

Now, Pictures of my dog!!
Because he is so cute!!
And when he sleep he is so funny!! x)

When he was at my appartement, my boyfriend cooked me "Love apple"!!
I love this!!

 had some snow here!!
I don't really like snow because it's so cold..
But I think that it's beautiful!!
Especially at beach héhé

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