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Je retombe amoureux tous les matin..

Hi! The march 19th it was my birthday!!
So I ate a delicious cake at my grandparent's home and go to the restaurant with my boyfriend 
Oh and I received some chocolates !! 
For my birthday I wanted a new camera!! So I choosed one and I will have it soon

My boyfriend offered me :
"Huger games" books in english!! It was a long time I wanted to have them and read them in English!! I really loved the movie and now I will can know the book story !!
"Wreck this journal"!! Now I have it and I'm sooooo happy!! It's so funny I think! I will probably post some pictures about it soon!
Socks.. Because I always have waste socks xDD I don't know why but y socks always have holes (>o<) So he bougt me 20 socks !!

One day after my birthday, I went to the restaurant with my friends. Suddently she offered me some presents!!
I was so surprised and so happy!!
It's funny presents because they know that I like cute things:
Hello Kitty toilet paper because I love Hello Kitty xDD
Hello Kitty stickers, it's so cuuute (>w<)
Charmy kitty tumbler
Nails kit, because I love use nailpolish for make cute and funny nails
A lunch box. It's because when I eat at school I always eat carrot, cucumber and tomato without seasoning.. So they call me "Bunny"
A photo album with funny pictures of us!! 

My aunt helped me for bought my new camera

And she offered my this two cute mug (>w<)
It's written: "Je retombe amoureux tous les matin" = "I fall in love again every morning"

For finish, one of my really good friend offered me a beautiful necklace!!!
I love it sooooo much! It's an ice cream!

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