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If you can dream it, you can do it!

Hey how have you been?? 
Now I want more sun !!!

During febrary I had a training at hospital with occupatinal therapist!! It was so interesting for me!!
So I really want to become Occupational therapist and help people!!
I will do my best for my dream héhé

During this training I lived at my parent's house.
So I had time for seen my great friends
I was really happy to see them!!

During this training, I find time for go to shopping héhé
Because it was sales in France (^^)
So I bought this two cute things !
Oh and I went to "Paris Manga" too!!

I won a contest on a website, this is my presents:

My aunt went to the mountain for ski.
She bought me caramel and chocolate héhé
It was sooooo delicious!
I really love it!

I tryed to make macaron..
Well it was good but not beautiful haha

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  1. I'm sure your dream will come true (*´>ω<`*)ノ
    And I'm happy for you that you spent the great time with your family and friends ♡


Merci pour votre visite ! A bientôt !