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Mon plus grand bonheur se trouve dans les airs.. ♡

I hope that all my friends are good ♡ It was a long time that I haven't post .. During this time I did lots of things.. So this is the first part now!

  First, for this new year, I decided to make a jar where I will put papers. In this papers I will write all good things of 2013!!

Now I will present to you my two friends
It's Rukia (the hamster) and Ichigo (the Teddy bear) x)
Ichigo is a present of my boyfriend when we went to England!!
And we bought Rukia together for christmas héhé

Good night Ichigo 

Hi Rukia!!

Ichigo's story!! Yeah!!

In january, it was sales!!! So I bought some clothes héhé
I love clothes so much
My new boots are really my favorites!! I bought them in a shop I discovered recently! I really love this shop now (∩>ω<∩)♡

This is a present from my lovely friend!!
Her draw are really sooooooo beautiful
She draw a wolf because I think that it's a really beautiful animal!

With my boyfriend we love sweets!!
So when we saw this box for mini Chamallow we went to try it absolutly!!!

And it was so delicious!!
Chamallow with chocolate.. I love!

See you next time!

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