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You're my beautiful christmas

Now I will present you my christmas !!

First, I had a christmas party with my friends before our vacation!
 It was really cool! We eat a "fondu" (cheese and brain), played and offered a present to one of our friend! (Every people have to offer a present to an other at randome)
The girl who have my name offered me Hello Kitty hanky!!
It's so fun and cute x) She know that I love Hello Kitty!!

My mother offered me new perfum with a body cream and two cute kokeshi magnet (she bought me clothes before).
From my grandfathers I had money and chocolates!!
My boyfriend's mother offered me a book (The new book of Guillaume Musso) and his brother cosmetic bath !

As it often rains where I live, my mother bought me plastic boots!

I can jump in puddles now!

The father of my boyfriend bought me a beautiful red scarf!
 It is the same color as my coat!

And he offered me chocolate too!! My favorite chocolate : Raffaello!

Christmas is the feast of greedy!
We eat well on Christmas Eve, we eat well at christmas lunch, and we receive full of chocolates!

My aunt bought me beautiful things for christmas:
A pencil case
 A set of manucure
And all comes from Korea!!

My Unni sent me a little card with a super 2013 calendar!
Lots of photos of Lee Hong Ki everywhere!
I love it!

My cute friend Whitney make me a beautiful drawing for christmas!!
It's Inuyasha (>w<) My favorite anime héhé
Thank you so much my BD-iste !

Merry Christmas!!

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