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The age of life where everything seems possible, where we imagine it will be enough to want to change his fate.

The december 7th (and during all the week end) it was the "Téléthon" in France. 
It's an association who collect money for helping person with disabilities and medical research.  
For this day, with my school, we organesed activities, saled tee-shirt and cakes, made macrame,..

            And we did a show!! The theme was "Modern Cinderella" ( a love story between a girl and a boy in my classes x) ). So I had to learn 3 dances ( pyjama party, nightclub and final dance).The dance of the pyjama party (we are only girl) was really funny!!  We danced with the song "Wannabe" of Spice Girl!!
All was really funny and it's really great to be together for a good cause! I hope that we have help!!

A draw of me and my friends 

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  1. What do you mean the first message (´。・o・。) ??
    I like this song (*´ェ`*)♥” I wish I could have seen that dance :D!


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