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Merry Christmas!!

Merry christmas everyone!!
I hope that your christmas day was so beautiful!!!
Mine was really wonderful 

First, I'm back at my parent's home!!
So I could prepare a cake for my sister birthday the December 23th with my mother and my boyfriend. And my mother bought a christmas cake too .
I bought a beautiful black dress too for the christmas day! i LOVE it !

The December 24th I went to my uncle house with my boyfriend and family for christmas!
We ate a lots of  things and exchange presents!!
I played with my cousins and sister too 

The December 25th I went to my boyfriend's home for a christmas meal with his family!! 
His mother cooked lots of delicious things like a chicken with lobster sauce, white pudding pie, pears in wine.. And we exchange presents again!

The December 26th (Today xDD) I went to eat to my gandfather's home!! My grandmother cook meal I love
With my grandfather we went to my appartement because I forgot a lot of things! (Oh and I have a new appartement now!!)

Now I just have to tell you Merry christmas again !!!
Have lots of fun with your family and friends!! 

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