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Mustache!!! yaeh!!!


I want to the cinema for watching "Twilight 5" with my boyfriend and my friends. I really liked it and I was so suprised at the end! Well I think I prefer this film at the end of the book u_u And I have a problem: I don't like Bella, I don't like Edward, I just like Jacob 

I received my new necklace!!! It's a mustache necklace héhéhé 

I don't know why mustache are famous this time but I like it xPP It's so cute (>w<)

My school organizes a trip to England on January!! We will be 100 students! I will go with my 3 friends and my boyfriend!!! My boyfriend isn't at the same school as me but He can go with us! 
I can't wait!! I'm so exciting about it!! (^^)

I finally find all my christmas presents !! Yeah!!
I want to be at the christmas day !!
I like this song!!!


  1. I want to go to watch Twilight 5 too (>_<)♡
    That necklace is really cute (*´ェ`*)♥”

    Anyways I received your Christmas card yesterday!!!I'm so happy(∩>ω<∩)♡Thank you so much !!! I sent you Christmas card too ! I hope you receive it soon !!

  2. Ah twilight was so cool (>w<)

    Oh really?? So cool!! :D
    I will wait your christmas card too!! (*´ェ`*)♥


Merci pour votre visite ! A bientôt !