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Recently I had one week of vacation so my boyfriend went at my appartment (he had 2 weeks of vacation grrr (>o<) )
We decided to invit my grandfathers at home one day! 

We went to the restaurant!
I ate a "Welsh" for the first time ( the first picture), my boyfriend too!
It was good but I couldn't eat all haha
My granfathers decided to eat fish because we was to the sea héhé

For the dessert I choosed a "Banana split" !! I'm so greedy !!

My boyfriend choose a red fruit ice cream, my grandmother a "Creme brulee
 and my grandfather a shortcake with ice cream!! 

After, we want to the sea!
It was cold and the weather wasn't very good so we didn't stay a long time..
But I had time to take photos 

Ice cream shop was closed (>o<)

I really love live to the sea!! 

Thanks for reading! :D

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