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Favorite of the month.

I saw, I have:

My boyfriend bought the essential oils lavender to massage.
It smells so good ! (> w <)

My new red vest! 

My second new vest!! It's a dark angel héhé I love it!!

At this time, this type of shoes are really famous!!
So I decided to bought one!! And I choose blue color!!

I love this mascara!! it makes me long eyelashes!! 

I bought this chocolate with my boyfriend the first time, and we liked it so much!!
So I bought it again héhé 
It's milk chocolate with piece of oreo!! So delicious!!

I love this strawberry Tic Tac héhé 

I saw, I want: 

RAINBOW Pocky !!
It's so cute !! I want to try this :D

Strawberry Kit Kat! It seems to be so delicious (>w<)
I France we only have chocolate Kit Kat ToT

In my futur house, I want this Totoro bed héhé
My boyfriend is okay with me!! x)

Yeah! Rilakkuma key PC stickers!! 
It's so kawaii!! 

I want sames baskets of Suzy!!!

I really love the sweeter of Cha Eun Gyeol in the drama "To the beautiful you"
And I think that I love all his clothes haha

I want this!! Again for my futur house!! :p
I want to have the house of my dreams!! 

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