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It's a little frog way of life..

Hello, my dear readers.
As you know, recently I moved in a new city and go to a new school.
It's a good opportunitie for me.
I can make new friends, learn new things, discovering new places,..
And First, I will work hard for achieve my dreams!
It wasn't really easy for me to be separated from my parents, family, best friends,..
But I had to go away for enter in this school, and it's the more important .
Now I will do my best for my family and friends be proud of me.
And I seriously think about my futur.
Now I can't live with my boyfriend because he study in an other city, But I really hope that we can live together next year!!

I think it's really important to thought about your futur early, becaus realized dreams isn't always easy.
You just have to think about things you really want to do and you're sure that they will make you happy!
Don't be afraid about other peoples, just think about you because people who criticize you will not be there in your futur. Their opinion isn't important!
There are just one things who are important:  YOU and your DREAMS!!


  1. Ahhh Myriam... I got courage from your message !!! I was always afraid of others but I have to do whatever I want x)! I don't have dream now ... but I have what I want to do now :D! Thank you so much !
    and go for it Myriam :D! I know you can do it !

    No matter how your heart is grieving
    If you keep on believing
    the dream that you wish will come true

    This is the lylics from Chinderella ♡ I love it!

  2. Thank you my friend!! (>w<)
    I'm sure that we will can realize our dreams!!! <3
    the words of Chinderella was really beautiful!
    I'm so okay with this!!
    God luck my friend! Do you're best <3<3


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