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Happy froggy weeks..


Recently, I had really beautiful days!
I saw my boyfriend, I had DVD party with my friend, I went to the boowling with my friends,..

At school, as you know, we make "macrame". 
I decorated mine like a Pikachu x)
It's because my friends call me Pikachu !!

Recently, we decided with my friends to have DVD party sometimes.
Especially, we love watching Disney movies héhé
So we watched Raiponce, Charlie and the chocolate factory, and Anastasia !! 

In my new city, there are a big library!! So I can read lots of books haha
I can watch DVD too. Recently I watched "Ponyo".
I bought a cute bandana for my dog and other little things for me. 
Especially I bought cosmetic!! Because I love cometic (=w=)

My cute dog!! I take it with me at the new appartment :D

This week end I went to my parents home!
I bought a beautiful pink bag ! 
And I saw my little pets héhé 

With my grandfather, I went to the book market. 
I bought 3 books: "Grave of the fireflies" of Nosaka Akiyuki, "The grass roof" of Younghill kang and talls books write of Grimm!! 

I received a letter from Ayako, my japanese friend!!
She send me a beautiful notebook from her travel to India and two cute 
Thank you so much Ayako!! (>w<)

Finally, I discovered a new shop who is an Asian food shop!!
It's in my parents' city héhé
I was so happy when I saw this and I wanted to bought all haha
But I just bought little things (and it was sooo delicious)
I will go again soon héhé!!
The facebook of this shop here :) 

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