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My trip in Carnon part 6: Restaurant!! x)

During this vacation, my boyfriend invit me two time to the restaurant!
So we can test two restaurant to the harbour!!
We drink mocktail because I never drink alcohool.

We were to the sea, so we ate FISH!!  héhé

It was cooked with lemon tuna cooked with a "Plancha!
So delicious (>w<)
And the second time I ate a salad with goat cheese!!

For the dessert, the first time I wanted a "Creme Brulee"
I love it and this one was sooooo delicious!! (=^w^=)

The second time I choosed a "Banana split"
(scoops of ice cream, banana, chocolate and whipped cream)

My boyfriend choosed a chocolate cake!

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Merci pour votre visite ! A bientôt !