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Trip in Carnon part 3: ZOO

We went to the zoo of Montpellier. 
It's a big and beautiful zoo!! 
there is an Amazonian greenhouse and a walk free!

First, we went to the Amazonian greenhouse.
We saw anteater (in the bottom picture) , big fish, colorful frog, beautiful birds, big spider, snakes ..

there were birds in freedom in the greenhouse!
They were really cute and fun!

Then we visited the more big part of the zoo, which is outside.
We saw lots of animals from different countries, which I don't always remember the name ..
The zoo is so big that we don't have all see, but it was a fantastic walks!

We can saw a rhino..
Wow I was so impressed!

I loved the big bear!
A bear is so cute but also really scary!
When I saw the bear I thiked Rilakuma haha Purpose of this bear was more scary ..

From time to time, there were signs representing the footprints of animals ..
Here you can see the traces of bears, rhinos and feline.

See you in my next post

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