Monday, August 20, 2012

My holidays ..

I'm just back from my trip to the sea at the south of France!! 
I went two weeks to Carnon with my family and my boyfriend. It was really funny and relaxed!
The sun shone every day and we went to the beach when we want because it was next to our camping!!
I will post photo of the trip when I have time ! 

We visited the "étang de l'or" (a pond), The zoo of Montpellier, an aquarium, a cave,..
We went to the beach, to the "Toro piscine" show, to the fair of Carnon, to the restaurant,..

 I can bought lots of presents for my friends héhé
And when I got  home, I received a beautiful package for my best Korean friend 
Thank you a lot !! 

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