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A Fall Look with Escapshoes

Hey my magiiical girls!
I hope you're good! Today article is a collaboration with Escapeshoes, a lovely shop I present you before. So this time, I want to show you two fall looks I made with their clothes. Let's start!

Coucou mes chatons magiiic!
J'espère que vous allez toutes bien malgré le mauvais temps. Aujourd'hui je vous écris un article en collaboration avec Escapeshoes, un website dont je vous avais déjà parlé. J'ai choisi de créer deux looks d'automne dont vous me direz des nouvelles!
1st Look: Be romantique

I think fall is perfect for romantic time with your boyfriend. Go to a walk, see the beautiful colors of fall, drink hot chocolate or stay home to watch a movie together. So the first look is perfect for this: a beautiful dress and lovely ankle boots with heels. I like the color of this cute dress, perfect for this season. And with this, I choose a lovely lady bag.

A mes yeux, l'automne est une saison pleine de romantisme. C'est le moment de se promener main dans la main dans un parc rempli de feuilles colorées, de boire un chocolat chaud dans un jolie café ou de regarder ensemble une comédie romantique. J'ai donc choisi un premier look adapté à ces situations. Il est composé d'une jolie robe et de petites bottines à talons. J'aime énormément la couleur de cette robe, parfaite pour la saison. Et pour ranger vos petites affaires, un jolie sac à main de ville.

Dress: Pepe Jeans
Ankle boots: Serraje Sand Testa

2nd Look: Be cool

This second look is more for week-end or school days. It's a cozy but cute look for this lazy days where the dress is too much.  I really like this kind of look during automn and winter, because I'm generally more lazy, but I want to have cool look all the same. The jumper look so cozy and cute. It's perfect with this nice jean slim. The bag is perfect for all school stuff, and the color is so nice with this jumper. Last but not least, Platform shoes are so fashion! Definitly shoes of the season!

J'ai créé ce deuxième look pour les jours d'école, où les week-end tranquilles. C'est un look plus cozy, mais qui reste mignon malgré tout, parfait pour les jours de flemme où la robe est de trop. J'aime beaucoup porter ce genre de tenue, avec un gros pull, durant l'automne, car je suis souvent fatiguée, et je n'ai pas le courage de réfléchir trois heures à la tenue idéale. C'est une tenue cool et simple à accorder: Un gros pull et un jolie slim. On y ajoute un sac XL pour y ranger toutes nos affaires d'école. Et pour terminer, une belle paire de chaussures plateforme, le it de cet automne!

Jumper: Pepe Jeans

Jean: Pepe Jeans
Shoes: Sixtyseven

I hope you like this article! You can find all this products on the webshop of Escapeshoes, and lots of other beautiful shoes! Have a lovely day!

J'espère que cet article vous a plu. Vous pourrez trouver tous les produits présentés sur le site d'Escapeshoes, ainsi que beaucoup d'autres! Bonne journée!

Have a lovely day and make the world Magiiic xoxo


  1. In like both looks)) Such shades are perfect for autumn!

  2. Me encanta el segundo jersey!

  3. Great looks!


  4. Oh very cute picks darling


  5. It’s so beautiful and so interesting! I love this post!
    And already can’t wait to see the new one!

    Diana Cloudlet

  6. Lovely outfits :) My favorite is the first one!

    Just started following you on GFC, would be great if you could follow back.

  7. I love the dress in the first outfit~! It's a beautiful color and the lace is really detailed <33


    1. Yeah! That's why I choosed it! I love the color :D

  8. I love your blog!
    Do you want to support each other's blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x



  9. so nice:) Happy Sunday:)


  10. Hey hey, how are you?? ^o^
    Nice look... and second shoes looks cool.
    **I haven't post update on my blog yet _ so no Japan lesson yet.. be patience with me hehe...
    my mouse broken, it's sucks and internet connection sooo slow. (˃ᆺ˂) ♥

    You can visit me, comment on any of my blog entry if you want, or just say hi to my Chat Box at my blog. tehehe...... Have a nice day!

    1. Hey <3 I'm good and you? :3
      Thank you >w<

      I saw that, you must be busy ^^ But I will wait your next lessons and articles ;)
      Oh and I started japanese lessons with a teacher now! I'm so exciting >w< We will start with learning hiragana :3 And my boyfriend learn japanese with me haha

      I hope you have nice day!! Take care of you <3

    2. My sem has started, but, I wanted to write something, but I don't have mouse now... I hate it... hehe...
      *om... that's good to hear... hehe, for hiragana, you can learn by yourself actually.
      and oh.. what a nice boyfriend...! I envy you..... ♡
      jya... ganbatte ne! ^o^

  11. Boots is definitely the best for this fall season. I keep choosing black and brown color for my boots fall look >.<



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