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A beautiful swap from Evonne!

Today, I will show you the beautiful package than Evonne (Her blog) send me! This swap have a long story! With Evonne we decided to do a swap together, so we start to find presents, make beautiful packages and send them (we send two packages)! We wait, wait, and wait, but packages never arrived... We was so sad, but finally I received the 2 boxes she send me! She never received mine so I'm preparing new boxes to send to her!

Now, let's see what she send to me:

What inside the first box!

What inside the second box!

Descriptions of products:

 Too faced shadow brushes, with 3 brushes inside.
 A cute mirror
 Nice bracelet

 Make-up sponge
 separator toes for apply nailpolish

 Hello Kitty mini wet wipes
 Tissue mask

Pink cat headband
 Bigen Prominous color Milky
 Dry shampoo from Etude House
 AVEDA, be curly shampoo

 sasatinnie, love dessert, manga hand and body lotion, and passion fruit shower gel
sasatinnie, peach hydratation body lotion

Yupi baby bear and cola candies
 sugus litchi and strawberry candies

 Etude house, precious mineral BB cream bright fit
 Prime time, foundation primer base teint
covo, mini eyelashes curler
 Benefit stamps
 gray eyeshadow
BIoop, blue eyeshadow

 Neutrogena, deep clean revitalizing
 Etude House, Happy essential foam collagen
 Clairol professional, Color radiance intensive mask
Wella professionals, enrich moisturizing treatment for dry and damaged hair

 Some beautiful nail polish!
 nails stikers

LYCOZ, aloe vera oriental prime hydrogel mask
 japanese mask
King of mask series, all in an ocean collagen mask

 Some stamps!!

All are soooo nice! I didn't test all products but I will do soon and I will probably do some reviews!
Thank you so much for this nice swap Evonne! And I hope you will like mine too!!


  1. how come not arrive ur parcel?because u use surface?or air?

    1. I send it by airplane at the same time I send your mini swap... You received it but Evonne never received my two package ToT

  2. Cute & Good Packages!! There is so much stuff to try.. ill go crazy if i see something like that in the mail!!
    Have fun trying all the products!! ^_^


    1. I love testing new products (>w<)
      Haha let's try swap exchange ;) It's just so funny!! :D
      Thank you :3

  3. how many months already??sometime this parcel went missing and then suddenly poof it appeared....ur shipping got tracking?or is it bcos she in penang(another state)?im in the main city so probably faster!

    1. I send it at the same day that I send your package (febrary I think?)... So it was the same thing as yours, I can't have a tracking...
      I hope she will received it one day!
      But for the moment I make a new one and send the first part with tracking numer this time!!


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