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Presents from Yuki

Hey! Today I will present you the pretty package I received from my japanese friend Yuki!
She send me with her letter some japanese candy!
I'm always so curious about Asian food and sweets, and especially japanese one! So I will tell you what I think about this I received!

First, this is the box and letter! I wanted to show you this because I think this box is so cute and the envelope too! It's Snoopy!!

Here, the box open! Some cute candies (>w<)

 Now it's time to test! First, this strange sweets! I don't know what is the flavor exaclty but it's so yummy!! OMO I love this! 
It's difficukt to explain this taste... There are 3 different textures! Inside the candy there are little things... Well... Stange for me but I love this!

Next is Pokemon candy! Yeah! I'm a big fan of Pokémon, (yes, I'm like a children haha) that's why she send me this! I especially love Pikachu héhé
The flavor is simple, look like other sweets I have test before, but I love the packaging so much! And there are something fun: If you eat two different favors sweets (there are 3 flavor), you create a new flavor! So it's like you have 6 flavor héhé

 The next candy is so nice too! It look like little pieces of candy, and when you eat it sparkles in the mouth! Really funny!! And the flavor is coca cola!!

And the last candy is Glico candy! It's heart caramel! I love french caramel so much, so this one is not my favorite, but it's good. And with it there is a little toy!

Thank you so much Yuki!!

I'm so curious about other countries candies! Can you tell me what is your favorite candy? And what are candies which are famous in your country??
And if someone is interesting for a candy swap, tell me !!


  1. Aww that's so sweet of her to send a package to you~ The candies look so yummy ^^
    Thanks for sharing :)

    xoxo Payton of K-Party With Payton

  2. Yes she is so nice (>w<) And it was yummy haha Thanks for readings ;)

  3. Nice package!!! All those candy looks tasty ^_^

    I've just followed you via Google+ ~ Hopefully you could do the same for me..maybe lol? ^_^


    1. It was tasty x)
      Thank you :3 I follow you too :D
      You're blog is really nice :3


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