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 to me!!

On march 19th it was my birthday!!! So I will show you all my birthday presents hehe Thanks to all people who think of me! I don't post pictures here but my friend Cindy send me a present too!! I will show it to you when I will post our mini-swap pictures!

First, the day of my birthday I received a pretty birthday card from my family! I was at my school appartement so I didn't see them on my birthday...

For my birthday, I invited my friend to eat a chocolate cake at my home! It was funny!! And she offered me a pretty tea-pot (because they know I love tea) and this nice pink and fluorescent nail polish!!

During the week-end, my mother invited my grandfathers and my boyfriend for a meal! It was my father who cooked the meal and I cooked the dessert (a crumble) with my sister! Really delicious!

 My grandfathers offered me sweets, chocolates (which aren't in the picture) and honey! And with this she gave me money.

 On of my good friends send me this pretty book about Japan!! So cute and nice!!!

 The present of my boyfriend was 2 places fo the "Dany Lary show"! My favorite magician! I will do a blogpost about the show soon!

My lovely Unni Didi send me this pretty package! I love all presents so much! And "sablés" was delicious!! I will post more pictures soon!


 And last but not least, the present of my parents for my birthday is: Miss A "Touch" CD!!! Yeah!! I want this one from a long time!!!

Thank you everyone! I'm the more happy girl of the world because of you!!

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