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during my vacations..

As I tell you, recently I had one week of vacation!
So my boyfriend went at my appartement!! 
We did't really go out but it was really cool 

My grandfathers bought me a cute angry bird mug !!
So we made hot chocolate !!!! 

My two new friends!! Youhou and my cute Angry bird!!

All my cute friends haha 

We made a "Fondue Savoyarde" !! 
Delicious!! héhé

You know what?? My dog is a cat 
My lovely dog is so cute (>w<)

My boyfriend is really good at cooking!
At this time he cooked a rice and chiken with sweet and sour sauce!!
An other time he cooked me delicious pancakes!! 

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  1. You spent great holidays with your boyfriend (✿◡‿◡ฺ)♡
    The dish looks so delicious!


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